Mindbody-barre is a fusion of pilates, yoga and ballet. It combines the principles of both disciplines to create a form or exercise with all the benefits of pilates, plus the new dimension of a dance-based, cardiovascular workout.

In comparison with classical pilates, mindbody-barre involves more standing, so it works your your legs, feet and bottom as well as your core muscles. This makes it a more intense workout, in which you can increase your heart rate and really target the buttocks and inner thighs. It also helps promote strength and flexibility in the feet, an area of the body often neglected in other forms of exercise.

Mindbody-barre is a workout for everyone – men and women of all ages, particularly runners. You don’t require prior knowledge or experience of ballet to join in but you may need a cushion to sit on after your first class!

Classes and prices

All our mat and kettlebell classes are SMALL GROUP classes with a maximum of 9 per class to promote focus and individual attention.

For the remainder of September we are offering a 1:1 taster session at the reduced cost of £29.  This is an ideal way to receive individual tuition,  have a balanced workout and allow us to assess your ability if you choose to join one of our group sessions. As an even bigger bonus, you can also try a mat work class for free!*


Contact Us

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T: 0117 944 1114; M: 07881 825142
E: info@mindbodystudio.co.uk